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Survey of Requirements

To help us in the preparation of a Rate Quotation for the services you may require, please complete the following questionnaire and return to us as soon as possible.

This form is general in scope and some items may not be relevant to your business, please answer the items that you can.  We look forward to servicing all of your distribution and fulfillment requirements.

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Primary Contact


General Information

1.  Type of Product

If available, please attach a copy of your Product Master File showing item number, product description, quantity per case, weight, etc.

2.  Percentage of shipping volume by quarter:


1.  Number of Stock Keeping Units (SKU's)
2.  Number of inventory turns per year?
3.  Average monthly inventory levels:
4.  Loaded Pallet Size: Width Depth Height
5.  Number of cases per pallet:
6.  Average weight per case cubic ft. per case
7.  Can pallets be stacked?
8.  Is pallet racking preferred?
9.  Do you require any physical or environmental controls?
10.  Do you require more than standard FIFO control?
11. Is item number marked on cartons identical to inventory listing number and order processing number?
12. Are cartons Bar Coded?


1.  Average number of orders shipped per month?   UPS LTL Truckload

2.  Maximum number of orders shipped per day in peak periods
3.  Average order size: #cases  Weight # Lines
4.   Are orders for master cartons?
5.  What percentage of all orders are pick/pack?
6.  Are inventory items in shippable cartons?
7.  Will cartons be withdrawn by lot or serial numbers?
8.  Is it necessary to keep track of lot or serial numbers?
9.  What percentage of total movement are full pallet quantities?
10. Is any assembly or labeling required prior to shipment?
11. What is desired shipping cycle: Same Day Next Day
12.  What is the value of an average order?
13.  What is the percentage of returns?

1.  How will orders be transmitted? Fax Mail EDI Email Other
2.  Do you provide your own packing slip or pick ticket?  
3.  In what unit of measure is inventory kept?
4.  What procedure is used to confirm shipped orders for your invoicing purposes?
5.  What type of inventory/activity reports do you require?
6.  Do you require more than one physical inventory per year?
7.  What retailers have mandated EDI compliance
8.  Are you currently compiling with all mandates?
9.  Do you require online access to all inventory data?

Thank you for completing this form.  Based on the information you have provided we will provide as realistic a rate quotation as possible.  With this in mind, please indicate any additional information you feel might be relevant to our understanding of your requirements.